Monday, March 2, 2015


A restaurant named Mosquito? From the name, it wasn't really appealing to me. It doesn't entice me to go and eat there. A mosquito is a small insect that flies around and possibly bites. There was a restaurant named Plan B many years ago in Yaletown. I refused to go there because it is a name of an emergency contraceptive. It isn't a very enticing name for a restaurant. My friend, who is leaving the country in a few months, wanted to go to Mosquito. Because she wanted to go, myself and a few others accompanied her. I checked out the website and it brands itself as a higher end dessert and drink restaurant. I checked out the menu online. The desserts are a bit pricey. Because it brands itself as a higher end restaurant, I expected it to be small fancy desserts. It's motto is 'Eat dessert first'. We were walking in Gastown looking for the restaurant. I expected some signage or big letters on the window. There was none of that. On the door, in small letters, is 'Eat dessert first'.

It is a very small restaurant. It probably holds about 20 people. It is only open in the evenings starting at 5pm. It doesn't accept reservations. We were there about 8pm on a Sunday night. There was five of us. Luckily we got seated right away. It was very dark inside. The tables were lit by very dim lights and tealights on the tables. The furniture fit its classy brand.

There was five of us and we ordered six of the desserts.

Caramel coffee frozen parfait
espresso meringue, bourbon cara-
mel, candy cap mushroom crème anglaise - 12

 Dark chocolate cremeux 
caramelia espuma, cocoa streusel, 
caramelia pearls,maple syrup, 
vanilla salt - 10

Peanut butter & milk chocolate bar

caramel popcorn, caramelized
banana jam and popcorn gelato - 12

Chestnut & mandarin tart w buttermilk and Tahitian vanilla bavarois, Satsuma mandarin jam, candied chestnuts
(not on the menu online)

Olive oil & lemon
olive oil bavarois, madeleine
sponge, elderflower syrup,

dehydrated grapefruit - 12

Matcha green tea opera
yuzu cremeux, coconut matcha
mousse, candied citrus zest, coconut and pandan leaf sorbet - 12

Because it was quite dark in there, it was really hard to take nice photos of the food. The desserts were good but nothing spectacular. For $12 a dessert, I expected spectacular. It was small portions, as expected, and fancy.

The service was good. It wasn't a full restaurant while we were there. There were two servers that helped us. Not sure if they were bored or were supposed to help us. They visited our table quite often. There was no reason to visit our table that many times because we only ordered water and the desserts.

Overall Experience
For this tiny restaurant, there was one tiny washroom. It was occupied. My friends and I waited outside. Across the bathroom was the tiny kitchen. While we were waiting for our turn, which seemed like forever, I was watching the chefs plate the desserts. The desserts had a beautiful presentation. I watched the chefs put the different garnishes on the desserts. There were so many colors, textures and height levels to each dessert. It was just too bad we didn't see all the different color variations at our table because it was too dark. I am a very visual person when it comes to my food. If the food looks nice, I am more excited to eat it. Because I took a picture of it with a flash, I saw what it looked like. But I still didn't really want to eat my dessert when I can't see it.

Overall, I would give this restaurant a 2.5 out of 5. The food was so so. Nice presentation (if you can see it). Service was good. Nice atmosphere but too dark. It is a nice place for a romantic date. But if I want over priced desserts with my group of friends I would head to Thierry.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


As many of you know, a bowl of good pho is my comfort food. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup. It consists of beef and noodles in a beef broth with onions (white and green). It is served with a side dish of bean sprouts, a wedge of lime and basil leaves. There are a bazillion pho restaurants in Vancouver. How do you decide which one to eat at?

My general rules:

1) What's in a name?
I like to eat at Vietnamese restaurants with Vietnamese names. I have been to some with English names like Mr Red Cafe, Broken Rice and Five Elements. They are always westernized / fusion Vietnamese food; usually a bit smaller portions and a bit higher priced. I have had this rule for awhile. I wish a Vietnamese restaurant can prove me wrong. I always try the new restaurant with an English name and always disappointed. I was at Broken Rice the other day. I was served by a Caucasian fellow who doesn't speak Vietnamese. I prefer pho restaurants with names like Bau Chau, Song Huong or Pho Tan. 

2) Chain or one location?
I like the independent mom and pop one location restaurant. Pho Hoa is a chain. I don't like it at all. It is expensive and not very good. It is the 'fast food' of pho. I used to like it but I have found better restaurants. Another pho chain is Pho Thai Son. There are three locations in Vancouver. The food in all the locations don't taste the same. 

3) Vietnamese Customers
I like to go to a Vietnamese restaurant which has Vietnamese customers. The other day we went to Mr Red Cafe. It isn't a very big place and it is located on Hastings St (close to Templeton St and the Dairy Queen). It may seat about 30 people. We were there for about 1.5hr for dinner on a Monday night. During the 1.5hr we were there, there were three Vietnamese people; me and the two girls sitting behind me. All the other patrons in the restaurant and who came to pick up take out were not Vietnamese. Last Sunday, we were at Broken Rice in North Burnaby, The restaurant seats about 50 people. By 7pm, it was full, but not with Vietnamese people. If the restaurant isn't full of Vietnamese customers, does it serve authentic Vietnamese food?

4) Rare steak
My favourite pho is the one with the rare steak and beef meatballs. The rare steak has to be thinly sliced so it cooks in the soup. It has to be a bit rare when it comes to my table. I went to the Pho Thai Son on Victoria Dr and I ordered my rare steak with meatball. The rare steak was sliced too thick. By the time it cooked, it was too chewy. 

5) The broth
The broth is what makes or breaks it. It is beef broth. It can't be too salty, too bland or too oily. It has to be the right mixture. About 90-95 percent of the Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver serve food from South Vietnam. There are only a handful of Vietnamese restaurants which serve food from North Vietnam. The broth has star anise if it is from South Vietnam. I tried Lam Hoa Quan and it serves pho from the North. The broth is not as herby as the ones from the South. 

Pho Ngon

Pho Song Huong

Lam Hoa Quan
(they serve extra raw onions on the side)

Lam Hoa Quan

People have asked me which is my favourite pho restaurant. I don't have one. I havent been to one that has really impressed me. Song Huong (in Vancouver) and Pho Tan (in Burnaby) are my usual places I go to. They are still inconsistent; some days it is good, some days not so good. But I am still on my search for my favourite pho restaurant. If there is one you would like to try, let me know. I am willing to try new restaurants. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dark Table

My friend dined there and told me about his experience. After hearing his story, I didn't really want to go. I didn't think an experience in the dark would impress me. I am a very visual person when it comes to my food. I want to see my food. I eat with my eyes and if I can't see my food then I won't be able to enjoy my food.Well, for this experience I put all that aside.

It is located at the old Quattro on 4th location at W 4th Ave and Macdonald. There was lots of free parking in the surrounding areas. There ended up to be only five of us for this experience. We waited on their heated patio for our party to arrive. It was a night in January so it was quiet chilly. We wanted to wait for our whole party before we got seated. Once our whole party arrived, the server came out to bring us in the restaurant. We formed a line like a train and had to hold the right shoulder of the person in front of us. The server led us to our table and seated us one at a time.

Once we got seated we tried to make ourselves comfortable. We had to feel the table to 'see' where everything was. The table setting included a place mat with a side plate in the middle with a small plastic container of butter on the plate. There was a fork on the right. I had to feel around the table to get a sense of the distance between my friends and I. I also had to listen to their voices to get an idea of where they were sitting.

We ordered our food and drinks on the patio. The appy that was available was the 'surprise appetizer'. There were a few entree choices. There was the 'surprise dessert'. For $33, you can order the appy and entree OR the entree and dessert. For $39, you can order all three items. I ordered the $33 option with the surprise appy and the entree. My friend ordered the $33 option with the entree and dessert. We wanted to share the appy and the dessert. The entree I ordered was the 'veal schnitzel with potatoes and seasonal vegetables'. I also ordered a non alcoholic drink (I forgot exactly which drink it was). It was one of those mixed drinks with various juices and soda. It's usually very pretty with the various colors and a pretty garnish like an umbrella or piece of pineapple or cherry. But this time I had no idea what it looks like. These kinds of drinks are easy for the restaurant, they don't need to make it look pretty for the customer. It was in a stemmed glass. I was paranoid that someone would tip it over accidentally. I didn't finish my drink because I forgot that I ordered it. At a regular restaurant when I see my drink it would encourage me to drink more of it.

Our surprise appy came and it was our first encounter of sharing food in the dark. We had to decide the order of how we were going to be seated outside the restaurant when the server came to take us inside. We had to arrange it where we had to be beside the person who we will be sharing food with. I ate my appy with a fork. It was quite the challenge. I didn't know where the food was to poke at it. The surprise appy was a salad. I would feel where the plate was to attempt to eat it. My friend and I devised a plan where we would take turns eating when sharing an item. She would have to tell me she was finished her turn for me to get at the food.
When my entree came, my first instinct was to use my fork to eat it. I decided to go a different approach. I am right handed but I had a band-aid on my right thumb that night. I wanted to eat with my hands. I ended up using my left hand to explore my food. I touched my whole plate with food to feel what I ordered. My veal schnitzel was in slices and I felt the rough texture of the batter. My potatoes were seasoned because I could feel the seasoning on the potatoes. At first I couldn't feel my vegetables but later on I found them. I would take a bite of veal and then a bite of potato then a bite of vegetable. When I put a piece of veal down, I would later pick up another piece to eat. That would happen with the potatoes and the veggies too. I can imagine if there was light and people where to see my plate. There were half bitten pieces of food on my plate. I ended up eating everything on my plate. 

The surprise dessert was a orange flavoured cake. It was quite a small piece on a plate. It was difficult to eat because we were sharing this dessert. I didn't want to eat this with my hands because I was sharing the dish. I thought I would be considerate and not splatter my germy hands all over it.

It was quite the experience to eat in the dark. Now you have the choice of eating with a fork or your hands and no one will see you. You can talk to your friends and you don't have to make eye contact. When you want your server, you can't raise your hand to get their attention. You have to call their name to get their attention. You can't just freely get up to use the washroom. You don't know where it is because you can't see the signs. You have to call your server to come get you and they will lead you to the washroom. When you talk and you are used to making hand gestures, it all goes out the window. Your friends can't see your hand gestures. You have to verbally describe what you are talking about. You can't do your people watching in this restaurant, you can't see anyone. I like to take pictures of my food at new restaurants. You can't use anything that emits light like cameras or cell phones. I did take a picture of the restaurant sign and menu only. I couldn't take any pictures of my food. 

I would pay a bit more for the experience value of this restaurant. The price is a bit high for the food but it makes up for in experience. The food tasted good. I guess you can try to eat in the dark at home but it's not the same as someone serving you. The servers are legally blind. They know the way around the restaurant. When our server served us, she knew who's food went to whom. It is pretty amazing that she remembered all the tables she is serving and what food everyone ordered.

I would give this restaurant a 4 out of 5. I would definitely go back to this restaurant. The service was excellent. The food was good. The atmosphere I can't rate because its pitch black.  

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pork Belly Beer House / Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Pork Belly Beer House

A few days prior to us going to the restaurant I tried calling to make a reservation. The man who answered the phone said Ok he would take my reservation but he usually doesn't take reservations. We were only a group of five. He said they don't usually take reservations and he would seat us as soon as there is a table. I told my friends that we will meet at the restaurant at 6:45pm. Three of us carpooled and traffic into downtown was crazy busy. We actually got to the restaurant at 7pm. One friend in our group got there at 6:45pm and put his name on the list. The man / host / owner(?) said the wait was 25 minutes. We waited exactly 25 minutes for our table.

The restaurant is located close to Denman and Robson. It is in the area of full of Korean and Japanese restaurants. This is a Korean restaurant. The restaurant was filled with ESL Korean students. The tables and chairs are all non-matching. It is tables and chairs that were left over from their house or extra furniture that they had. There was some folding chairs and some non folding chairs. There was a plastic folding table and there were some wood tables. The walls were filled with graffiti like what you see on the bathroom walls.

What service? Just kidding, only half kidding. The  man / host / owner(?) explained to us the rules of dinner. The only service we got was when the man seated us and when he explained to us the rules. It is all-you-can eat for $15 per person plus taxes. If you finish eating in 10 minutes, you only have to pay $10 plus taxes. I didn't want to rush eating dinner so I was ok with paying the $15. There was a piece of paper which explained the rules and it was also the menu.

It was buffet style. The food was located on the counter. It is your responsibility to go to the counter and get the food yourself. There was sliced beef, marinated (and a bit spicey) sliced beef, fried chicken, slices of pork belly, kim chee, lettuce and rice. It included all you can drink coke or sprite. There was also seaweed soup.
                                                                 This plate is of the sliced beef and pork belly.

This is a picture of our table. There is a griddle for your group. Of course the number of griddle depends on the number in your group. We were only a group of 5 so we only got one griddle. The food was cooked already. All you had to do was put the food on the griddle for the grilled / charcoaled flavour. We put the sliced beef, marinated (and a bit spicey) sliced beef, and pork belly on the griddle. My friends were smart. They made a lettuce wrap with the meat inside. I made my own lettuce wraps too. I put sliced meat and a bit of rice inside the lettuce and wrapped it and ate it. It was easier to eat and it was tasty.

This is a picture of the fried chicken. It looks nice and greasy. It was delicious. The shape was a bit odd. The running joke was it was a GMO (genetically modified organism) piece of chicken. I ate the chicken with rice.

Overall Experience
I would give my overall experience here at 3.5 out of 5. The food was excellent. The value was great at $15 a person for all you can eat. The wait was a bit long but it was worth it. There was no service. The atmosphere was so so, it was a bit ghetto for me. One group during our stay was a bit loud but after they left the restaurant was a lot quieter.

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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

I never heard of this place before we went here. Luckily it was across the street from Pork Belly Beer House.

It looks like a take out place with the counter by the entrance but there are a few tables. Luckily we were a table of 5 and one table was just leaving. We combined two small tables to accommodate our party. It had a very rustic feel too it. The table and chairs were wood and it was where you can see the planks of wood. We were sitting by the corner of the restaurant and we noticed on the shelf there were some books and games. I guess they expect the customers to stay awhile. But while were were there it was packed and a line up formed as we finished our food.

It was kinda like a take out restaurant. You go up to the counter and order your food. When your food is ready, they bring it to your table.


Me and one friend shared the Spekuloos waffle on the light and crispy waffle.

It was sooooo delicious. The waffle was light, the ice cream and whipped cream was nice and sweet with the   sauce on top!

Overall Experience
I would give this place a 4 out of 5. The food I had was awesome. The atmosphere was nice and quaint. The service was more of a take out place but it was ok.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

El Inka Deli

It is a very small restaurant. It is located on a small street in Burnaby close to Burnaby Hospital. It is very easy to miss this restaurant if you are driving by.

There was a group of seven of us. I wanted to make a reservation to make sure we have a table ready when we all arrive. I asked what time they close. The lady who answered the phone told me sometimes they close as early as 7:30pm. I was nervous because my reservation was for 7pm. I don't like being rushed at dinner. I don't enjoy my meal when I'm rushed. She told me if the restaurant isn't busy then they close early. If they have reservations for that night, they will stay open. She told me they will stay open for my party. After this conversation, I realized that they are a very small family run restaurant.


It is a very simple restaurant. Basic tables and chairs. The tables are covered in a white tablecloth. They have very simple decor. During the time we were there, there was only one other person having dinner. In a way I don't like it when a restaurant doesn't have any patrons. It makes me doubt the freshness of the food. In a way I do like it when there isn't many patrons because we can be as loud as we want and we wouldn't be disturbing anyone.


Empanadas Chilenas

Chilean pies: comes in beef or chicken with eggs, onions and olives.



Fried plantain, also known as 'cooking bananas' are very popular in Latin America and Africa.


Marinated mixed seafood (cooked in lemon juice), served with onions, corn and slices of sweet potato



Pupusas are from El Salvador. Freshly handmade to order daily. Served with cabbages salad and tomato salsa.

$2.75 each

Picada Criolla

Pork chop, pork, sausages, fried plantain, fried cassava, corn bread and potato


I totally forgot what this dish is called and the price. But this is my favourite dish. It had different textures.  It was very flavourful.


It is a family run business. I realized that the lady that answered the phone when I called was probably the mother. She was the one that was serving us. She is probably in her 50's. She is a short stocky woman and very motherly type. The other server was probably her son. He is in his 20's and very quite young man. The mother was very helpful. We asked her many questions on the items on the menu. We were all very confused. None of us was familiar with South American food. The mother told us which items was Columbian, Peruvian, Mexican, etc. We asked her which items she recommended. Of course I had a feeling that she would say everything on the menu. I was pretty close. There were only a few items on her menu that she didn't recommend.

Overall Experience

I would give this restaurant 3.75 out of 5. The food was great. The service was good. The atmosphere was ok but you cant expect much from a family run business. I would definitely come back to this restaurant again.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spice Islands

My friend decided on Spice Island for dinner because it was the Gold winner of Best Other Asian 2012 ( in Vancouver Magazine.

Our dinner was on a Friday night. On the Tuesday night there was five people who were confirmed for the dinner. My friend called to make the reservation for five people. By Wednesday night, our number increased to seven people. My friend then called to increase the reservation to seven people. The restaurant did not let us increase our reservation to seven people. They said the maximum they can accommodate was six people. So our reservation was now for six people. I had a huge dilemma on my hands. I didn't know what to do. I suggested that all seven people come and they will just have to accommodate us. But my friend said that wouldn't be a good idea. They said they didn't have any room. I emailed the six guests which RSVP'ed and told them about the situation. I asked if anyone would like to bow out of this dinner. I was lucky. One friend said he was going biking and would bow out of this dinner. I felt really bad about it. But it worked out well for both of us; I got my group of six people for dinner and he got to go biking longer. I friend of mine texted me in the morning because he wanted to join us for dinner. I had to let him know that I couldn't add more people to my reservation. I felt really bad about that. I don't like declining people to my dinners.

There was six of us sitting there. Then a friend of mine showed up. I didn't realized he would be attending. We made room for the seventh person. All we did was wait for another table to be available. The table next to us was just paying their bill and leaving. We just attached that table to our table, now our table was for eight. I called the friend that bowed out to see if he wanted to still attend because now we had room for him. He was busy and wasn't able to attend.


The restaurant was quite nice. It is in Kerrisdale, a really nice neighbourhood of Vancouver. It is a very small restaurant. If you blink, you probably will miss it. The font and sign made it seem like an fancy restaurant. When you walk in, it is a bit dim. It is a very clean restaurant. There is art work on the walls.


Young coconut juice - $5

The coconut juice was ok. I have tried young coconut juice before and usually after you finish the drink, you can eat the coconut meat. This one was a bit different. There was no coconut meat. I thought it was kinda strange.

Shredded coconut - $3

This drink was no good. It was sweet and syrupy (is that even a word?) It was like drinking watered down syrup with coconut flakes. I didn't even taste any coconut.

Gado gado - Indonesian salad - large $10
"The most popular and most varied salad in Indonesia, consisting of tossed mixed vegetables and a spiced peanut sauce
Small $8 Large $10"

We got the large one because there was five of us sharing. I thought this was the best dish that I had that night. It was crispy and refreshing. It was tasty with the peanut sauce.

Resolis - Chicken crêpe roll $3.25/pc
"Creamy chicken filling wrapped in a crispy crêpe"

This was kinda like a spring roll with chicken.

Lemper - Chicken rice roll $3/pc
"Minced chicken filling seasoned with kaffir lime, rolled in sticky rice"

This was sticky rice with chicken inside.

Ayam Goreng Asam -Tamarind fried chicken drumettes $9
"Chicken drumettes marinated in a spiced tamarind sauce, then deep-fried until golden brown"

This was not too bad. It was a bit different with the tamarind flavour.
Perkedel - Potato cake $2.50/pc (min. 2)
"A contrast in texture with a crispy outer shell concealing a soft potato-beef cake"

We didn't even order this but received this accidently. It was crispy outside and mushy inside. I didn't like it very much.
Sayur Kari - Curry vegetables $12
"Various vegetables simmered in a special house curry sauce"

It was a smaller portion than I expected. It was quite small for five people sharing.
Rendang Daging - Sumatran spiced beef $16
"The most well-known Indonesian beef dish, slowly cooked with over 13 different exotic spices"

Singang Ayam - Sumatran grilled chicken $15
"Chicken marinated in a complex kaffir lime, lemon grass sauce, then grilled over an open flame"

This dish was pretty good. I like the grilled flavour.
Samble Babi - South Sumatra pork $16
"Pork shoulder slowly cooked in a spiced coriander sauce"

Ikan Bali - Bali fish $18
"Deep-fried sole fish fillet topped with our very own galangal prawn sauce"

This was similar to a Chinese sweet and sour fish that my parents make. This dish has a couple of pieces of shrimp. 
Meat skewers marinated using a special house recipe and grilled over an open flame
Beef, chicken, or pork (min. six) $1.60/skewer

We ordered 3 beef and 3 pork skewers. What we got was 3 beef and 3 chicken skewers. They didn't charge us for the chicken skewers. They later gave us the pork skewers (see picture). The skewers were a bit dry and overcooked.
Spekkoek – Layered butter cake $8
"The renowned multi-layered butter cake with aromatic spices also known as the Lapis Legit"

In Vancouver Magazine, this was the item that was the 'must eat' item. The presentation was nice and simple. It wasn't as buttery as I expected. It was good but wasn't spectacular as I expected.

I forgot the name and price of this item. Obviously, it wasn't that memorable.


There are only two servers; a male and a female. They don't have allocated tables. They serve all tables. The male server took our order. He asked me what I wanted to drink. I told him I wanted a drink (I forgot my first choice). He said he didn't have it. I gave him another choice of a drink. He didn't have that drink either! This wasn't a good start to our dinner. I couldn't even get a drink of my choice. 

One of the dishes we ordered was the satay. We ordered beef and pork. We didn't want to order chicken because some of our main dishes were chicken. The female server brought our satay dish out to us. She told us it was beef and chicken. We were confused because that wasn't what we ordered. We clarified it with the male server. He said he entered it incorrectly in the computer. I had to make sure that we weren't going to be charged for the chicken satay sticks. Our pork satay sticks came later during our meal.

 The female server brought the food to our table. She didn't know who ordered which dishes. It was a bit complicated because two people in our group ordered their own separate dishes. Five of us shared many dishes. When our dishes came out, the female server kept on putting it in front of one of my friends who ordered his own dish. I was very confused on why she kept on putting it in front of him.

The female server brought out deep fried potato ball dish. We were all confused. Nobody in our table ordered it. We ate it anyways. It wasn't very good, but it was different.

From the middle of our meal to the end, the restaurant was never full. It was only half full. We were really confused on how come the restaurant was so adamant on limiting our party to 6 people. There was space for more people. We could've had a larger group. They could've made more money. Our table was the last to leave at around 9ish.
Overall Experience

I would give it a 1 out of 5. The food wasn't good. The service was bad. The atmosphere was ok.

Once I heard that I couldn't increase my reservation and they were so adamant about it, it gave me a sour taste in my mouth. The sour taste in my mouth would've went away if the service and food was spectacular. But it didn't happen that way. The sour taste kept on getting worst as the night went on. I would not come back to this restaurant.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Angkor (Cambodian cuisine)

We all know the other Cambodian restaurant, Phnom Penh Restuarant in Chinatown. It's always busy and there is always a line up.

I have heard of this restaurant and now was my chance to try it. I read some of the reviews and it had mixed reviews. There was seven of us at dinner. We had dinner 'family style'. Each person picks a dish. I let everyone pick first to see what dishes they choose then I make my decision. We try to have a variety of different dishes.


 It is located on 33rd and Victoria. It is in the strip mall at the corner. It is very easy to miss. It is a small restaurant. It holds about 30 people. It wasn't very busy on the Thursday night when we went. I thought I made a reservation. When we got there, the server looked really confused. But it doesn't matter because there was room for us. While we were there, there was only about 3 other tables of 4 people which was occupied. It was a very simple restaurant with some posters on the walls. I don't think there is air conditioning. It was very hot for me while we were there. It might be a better idea to come visit this restaurant in the cooler months.

Food and Price

 Angkor Rare Beef Salad
Fresh sliced rare beef, bell peppers and peanuts
L: $12.95

This was a very refreshing salad. It had so many delicious flavours. It was a bit spicey. It had a bit of a lemony flavour.

Angkor Deep Fried Chicken Wings
Crispy deep fried chicken wings with jalapeno and garlic
L: $9.50 (12 pc)

This was tasty. It was crispy and the dip was a lemony garlic sauce. It really reminded me of the 'other' restaurant's chicken wings. It was so good that we ordered two of them; one at the beginning of the meal and one near the end. The first one we had was very crispy. The second one we had wasn't very crispy. We are not sure about the inconsistency.

Angkor Chicken Curry and Rice

Cambodian Style Chicken Curry and Veggies

I am not a big fan of curry. I did try some.


Phnom Penh Dry Egg Noodle
Sliced pork, ground pork, pork liver, pork heart, prawn

For $6.95 this is a great deal! The noodles were tasty because of the sauce they mixed in. I like it because of the variety of textures of meat (and inners..haha).


Kho Trey and Rice

Cambodian Style Caramelized Fish

I didn't like this dish too much. It was too salty for me. It reminded me of a dish that my parents make with pork belly. 


Angkor Fried Pork and Rice

Lemongrass Pork on rice, fried egg and veggies

This was my favourite dish that night. It wasn't too salty. It had a nice lemongrass flavour.


 Chhar Krueng Sach Ko and Rice

 Cambodian Style Stir Fried Lemongrass Beef

I didn't like this dish too much. It was too spicey for me. I only had a bite or two.

The service isn't good here. I didn't expect too much from a small mom and pop restaurant.

Overall Experience
I would come back here to eat. It is a very simple restaurant. Don't have high expectations when you come here and you will be fine. I will give it a 3 out of 5. Service not so good. Food was great. Atmosphere was so so.

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